Maracuya Medicinal Mini Course (4 Courses)

Maracuya Medicinal Mini Course (4 Courses)

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Maracuya Medicinal Mini courses are live online community herbal knowledge shares  where we learn about the energetic and physical properties of individual plants. 

Upcoming workshops will be focused on rose, lavender, passion flower, and peppermint. 

Workshops include:


-discussion on plant properties 

-how to incorporate the plant in to your daily life


Course access: Once you have placed your order a Zoom link will be sent to your email before the start of each class. Use each individual zoom link to log in 

All courses start at 6pm pst time. 

Dec 22nd: Rose

Dec 29th: Lavender

Jan 5th: Passion flower

Jan 12th: Peppermint